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Task allocation algorithm based on auction in WSANOpen Access

Authors:Yuge Wang
Affiliation:School of Information Science and Engineering, Shenyang Ligong University, Shenyang, China
Information:Advanced Journal of Engineering, August 2022 Vol.1, No.3, pp 45-51
Abstract:To solve the problem of unreasonable task allocation in WSAN, which leads to uneven energy consumption of actuators and too long task execution time, a task allocation algorithm based on auction is proposed. Task decomposition model, task efficiency model and task allocation model were established. … more >>

The Role of Flexibility in The Construction Risk Management PrescriptivenessOpen Access

Authors:Yan-lin Li
Affiliation:Civil Engineering Management Department, KWG Group Holdings Limited, Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
Information:Advanced Journal of Engineering, August 2022 Vol.1, No.3, pp 40-44
Abstract:Risk management in the construction industry is regarded as an important issue for the healthy development of society. In terms of the risk management process, over detailed process would be remarkably time consuming which also can be a burden of the project. the balance between the prescriptiveness… more >>

Research on Graduate Engineering Ethics Based on Hotspot IntegrationOpen Access

Authors: Peng-fei Zhang
Affiliation: Engineering College, Huzhou University, Huzhou 313000, Zhejiang, China
Information: Advanced Journal of Engineering, June 2022 Vol.1, No.2, pp 34-39
Abstract: To adapt to the development of science and technology, engineering ethics education methods should improve. Under the existing problems of ethics education in universities, this paper proposes the education reform model based on integrating hot issues and ethical elements. This strategy emphasizes … more >>

Study on Distribution Routing Optimization for Part-time Riders Under Crowdsourcing Ordering TakeoutOpen Access

Authors: Hai-yan Wang, Shuang-shuang Li and Wen Liu
Tianjin Zhongtian Haihe Vocational Training Center, Tianjin, China
Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Tianjin, China
Tianjin Armed Police Logistics Academy, Tianjin, China
Information: Advanced Journal of Engineering, June 2022 Vol.1, No.2, pp 29-33
Abstract: In recent years, "Ordering takeout" has become an important part of today's fast-paced life, so the crowdsourcing takeout delivery platform has been born. In this paper, we considers the characteristics and distribution process of part-time riders, takes path minimization as the objective function … more >>

Online Mode of Engineering Education during Pandemic: Merits and DemeritsOpen Access

Authors:Ghritartha Goswami*, Niky Kalita, and P. G. Rames
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Department of Civil Engineering, Scholar’s Institute of Technology and Management, Guwahati, Assam, India
Professor & Dean (School of Engg. & Tech; CoE, Skill Development, and New Initiatives), The Assam Kaziranga University, Assam, India
Information:Advanced Journal of Engineering. April 2022 Vol.1, No.1, pp 24-28
Abstract:The epidemic COVID-19 has forcibly transformed the manner of teaching and learning in India's higher education from face-to-face to online, resulting in new experiences and practices for many professors and students. In this context, this research examines the benefits, problems, and tactics of onli… more >>