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Solar Photovoltaic Paint for Future: A Technical Review

Authors:Snehesh Sharma
Affiliation: Electrical Engineering Department, Elitte College of Engineering, Sodepur, West Bengal, India
Information: Advanced Journal of Engineering April 2022 Vol.1, No.1, pp 18-23
Abstract:An extraordinary methodology is needed to satisfy the need of financially suitable solar cell technology. By utilizing ongoing advances in semiconductor nanocrystal research, we have now invented a one-coat solar paint for planning quantum dot solar cell. The conversion behavior of this semiconductor film electrode was assessed in a photo electrochemical cell comprising of graphene–Cu2S counter electrode and sulfide/polysulfide redox couple. The efficiency of Power conversion exceeding 1% has been observed for solar cells developed utilizing the straightforward traditional paint brush approach under ambient conditions. Though further upgrades are important to develop procedures for huge region, all solid state devices, this primary effort to make solar paint offers the benefits of simple design and financially suitable for next generation solar cells. The solar paint has shown the extensive possibility because of its flexibility, tunable size characteristics, and economically profitable nature in manufacturing. However, there is as yet a requirement for the improvement in the power transformation efficiencies of these paints, which elaborates further research to make the optimum materials for the paint. The point of this study is to discover the materials for the paint, which would have high electrical, thermal conductivities and higher efficiencies.
Keywords:Solar; Photovoltaic; Fill factor; Quantum dot
Cite This Article:Sharma S. (2022). Solar Photovoltaic Paint for Future: A Technical Review. Advanced Journal of Engineering, Vol.1, No.1, pp 18-23