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Developing Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Mortar Using Zinc Oxide Nanorods

Authors: Parinita Baruah* and Gitartha Kalita
Panchayat & Rural Development Department, Assam, India
Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, Assam, India
Information: Received: May 25, 2023 / Accepted: June 6, 2023 / Published: June 20, 2023
Abstract: Fungal and bacterial growth are two factors primarily responsible for the degradation and breakdown of the surfaces of buildings and structures. Fungi, which cause molds in buildings, develop rapidly in humid places like Assam and can cause deadly diseases such as Histoplasmosis. Remedial measures for these molds are expensive and cumbersome. Bacteria can result in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which causes acute health problems in people living in these buildings. Bacteria mostly grow in the damp walls of hospitals and cause acute diseases in people, which is a worldwide problem in humid countries. Nanotechnology can be utilized to solve these problems to a great extent, providing relief to the world's population. Tests with Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanorods grown on prepared mortar samples using hydrothermal techniques revealed dense growth of Nanorods deep into the pores of the mortar samples on scanning electron micrographs. This anti-fungal and anti-bacterial study was done on the prepared Ordinary Portland cement mortar sample with fungus Aspergillus Niger and bacteria Escherichia coli (gram-negative) and microorganisms samples collected from local hospital buildings.
Keywords: Mortar, Zinc Oxide, Nano Rods, Aspergillus Niger, Escherichia Coli
Cite This Article: Baruah P and Kalita G. Developing Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Mortar Using Zinc Oxide Nanorods. Advanced Journal of Engineering. 2023,3:17-29.